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Opening Concert

Join The Brass Volcanoes at the Bandstand and help get the festival off to an exuberant start!

The Brass Volcanoes

Graham Hughes – sousaphone and band leader
Ben Cummings, Sam Ritchie – trumpets
Tom White – trombone
James Evans, Alex

The Brass Volcanoes is a band inspired by the New Orleans brass band tradition but also incorporating influences from many other cultures and genres – Jamaican, Eastern European, Funk, Latin, Gospel, Jazz….This is all tied together with a sense of humour and fun giving the band their own unique sound. Sousaphone player Graham Hughes put the Brass Volcanoes together in 2007, surrounding himself with a collection of highly versatile jazz musicians who could take a melody and turn it into an arrangement on the spot.

The band is all about spontaneity, energy, interaction and fun, and their repertoire is ever evolving. Tonight’s concert will feature a selection of songs.

Event Details

Date: Thursday 14th June 2012| Time: 7:30 PM | Location: Kingsway Hall
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