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Exhibition: Merz- Merz Street Art

Merz is a London based artist who creates alternative street art by recycling discarded found objects and using them as a canvas.

The themes centre around an ironic glance back at the “ideal” consumerist world of a cultural past, often using salvaged photographs from a simpler, less materialistic world which offer a voyeuristic glimpse into the life of the sitters.

This art project sometimes involves returning selected completed pieces back close to their original locations, which are free to be taken by those who happen upon them. Any pieces which are not claimed will, no doubt, degrade, be swept away or disposed of which was, after all, their ultimate destiny.


Event Details

Date: Friday 18th October 2019 - Monday 4th November 2019| Time: 10:00 AM | Location: Harwich Arts and Heritage Centre
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