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Digital HF- Gregor & Lenka Morena Slovak Dance Company

Please Note this performance will be hosted on Facebook Live Via the HF Facebook Page on Sunday 5th July @ 7:00pm https://www.facebook.com/HarwichFestivaloftheArts

Click on the link above to visit the page at the appropriate time – There maybe slight time delays to the feed so try refreshing your browser and scroll across the time line if you cannot see the feed.

MORENA Slovak Dance Company was founded in 2001 by Andrea Okely. It is based in London and has been performing various Slovak folk dances since, mainly for English audience.

Lenka and Gregor met in Morena in 2015. They are a Slovak¬Czech couple. Lenka is a dancer, Gregor also dances and plays the accordion in Morena band.

For Harwich digital festival they will be performing 3 folk dances from different regions of Slovakia and a number of folk songs on various folk instruments (accordion, bagpipe, overtone flute, fujara flute).


The Digital HF has been launched in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and aims to continue to support Artists and the wider community through the continued delivery of art and cultural activities. In these difficult times the Harwich Festival relies heavily on funding and donations. If you would like to know more about how you can help support the Harwich Festival visit the support us tab on the website.

Event Details

Date: Sunday 5th July 2020| Time: 7:00 PM | Location: Harwich - Facebook Live
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