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A Journey through Timelessness. YANTRA

A Journey Through Timelessness

YANTRA is a rich vocal fusion exploring the spiritual and folkloric music from the traditional and ancient musical heritage of Bulgaria, India and England.

Eugenia Georgieva (Bulgarian soprano), Vamshikrishna Vishnudas (Indian baritone) and Jeremy Birchall (English bass) individually bring vocal material from their own ancient, religious and folkloric cultures and the other singers infuse each piece with their own national flavours and styles. They perform live alongside other vocal parts that they have previously recorded and this combining of a cappella from three different cultures with modern multi-tracking recording techniques produces a result that is simultaneously both ancient and very new.

In this concert, they recreate their debut album with liturgical pieces in their original languages -Latin, Tamil, Church Slavonic (The Praise), Robert Fayrfax interspersed with vocal improvisations in the style of South Bulgarian and South Indian folk (Tecum Principium), and possibly the first performance of The Tallis Lamentations sung by Bulgarian, Indian and English voices. This alongside a Hindu poetic meditation from 3c. BC, The Bow Song (Villu Paatu), recreating the ancient Tamil art of storytelling, a sad Bulgarian antiphonal wedding song (Gel Yano) and a lively medley of musical mini-stories from the Bulgarian Shopluk and Thrace (Going South).

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Date: Friday 4th July 2014| Time: 7:30 PM | Location: New Bell Inn

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