Turning Over a New Leaf

‘Turning Over a New Leaf’

Get creative and get involved with our new public art project for Harwich Festival 2019.

We’ll be celebrating the beauty of nature in the shape of magical vines which will creep up out of the river and ramble up around the lampposts on Ha’penny Pier.

I’m hoping plenty of people will turn their hand to making a leaf or two to help me create this natural wonder.

Please use the template for the size and shape of the leaf. You can use any textile technique you fancy and make the leaf whatever colour you want. Make it as simple or as intricate as you like. If hand sewing non-fraying fabrics are easiest to work with. Trace round the template twice and cut out the leaf shapes. If you attach a pipe cleaner to the inside of 1 of your leaf shapes, to form the central vein, this will give the finished leaf more of a 3D shape and firmness. Decorate the top of the leaf and then sew the 2 sides together.

To make the leaves really stand out use brightly coloured fabrics, shiny beads and other trimmings.

Finished leaves can be handed in at the Box Office in Harwich Library, no later than the end of May please.

For more info come to one of our free workshops, see Harwich Festival website for dates, or phone Monique on 01255 556517.


Click here to download a template 

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