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Poems, Stories and Reminiscence


This is a creative oral and written programme focused on people living with dementia and memory loss, and their carers. The hope is that by helping them access memories and reflections they will be able to engage with creative processes that will bring fulfilment and lessen frustration and isolation.

Engaging with themes and objects of recall will be preceded by gentle movement to relax tensions and anxiety if that seems helpful. For people unable to write, or have someone write for them, dictaphones are available.

Sometimes the reading of well and lesser known poetry out loud can be a source of stimulation and enjoyment. From time to time it is hoped the sessions will be visited by musicians and other performers thus engaging in a wider field.

The desired outcome from these sessions would be that people feel happier, less cut off from themselves and others and regain a sense of purpose, even though possibly only briefly. As leader of the project, I should like to be able to leave people with a tangible result in the form of a printed booklet of their work.


Hilary Kassman



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