Panel Project


Panel Project Rev 1 (300x100)

“Big Public Art” it’s all the rage for 2016, and ‘The Panel Project’ with funding from The British Arts Council will aim to be one that stands out from the crowd!

We are inviting every school, youth group, play group for children ages 3 to 18yrs old of any ability, to participate in creating a unique art instillation for The Harwich Arts Festival 2016.

In support, we’ve also had offers of help from schools in Ipswich, Elmstead Market and Clacton-on-Sea and we may be looking to collaborate with other groups in these areas to reach our goal.

Imagine 400, 1 metre square fabric panels marked in a brick pattern with each brick painted by over 3000 children with their own designs. A virtual explosion of colour and creativity adorning park fences, public buildings, playgrounds and  town centres for miles around.

As well as schools and group venues, we will be setting up a number of Pop-Up public ‘Paint a Panel’ events between February and June this year. Giving your children another chance to get involved. More details to be published soon.

To keep track of all that’s going on a dedicated Facebook page will be set up so that you can post your panel pics and follow our progress as well as a website documenting the project.

But it doesn’t stop there, this isn’t just a one-off project. These panels are constructed in such a way that they can be re-assembled for school performance back-drops, public youth group events throughout the year and more and more!

Remember this project is open to children of all abilities age 18 and younger, everyone can be included. All materials will be supplied and we’re keen to hear if you have a public event that you’d like us to consider bring our Pop-Up Paint a Panel to.

So if you’re a teacher, run a youth group or play group please get in touch, by emailing Roger Olive at or drop by for a chat at The Swan House Gallery, 14 Kings Head Street, Harwich, Essex, CO12 3EE (opening times Tues – Sat 10am – 5pm & Sun 10am – 4pm) or call on 07947896367.




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