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Salvaged from the Harwich Festival Piano

Installation: ‘Eastern Exposure: Piano Transplant No. 4 by Annea Lockwood.


Salvaged from the Harwich Festival Piano on the beach, one black and one white piano key were presented to the Mayor of Harwich, Cllr David McLeod, on Tuesday 29 October, in the Guildhall.

Piano key presentation

Artistic Director, Diana Burrell, said the Piano had brought thousands of inquisitive visitors to the beach, the Festival  and Harwich, and had attracted both local and national coverage, even an interview on TV.  The piano keys were a memento for the town archives. The Piano on the beach had caught the imagination of lots of people and it had been delightful seeing so many, young and old, having a go playing it.

The Harwich Festival Committee has been encouraged by the positive feedback from the attendee survey, PRIME (Project Impact Evaluation) carried out by independent assessors.   It showed that over 46% of  the respondents came from outside Harwich. The Festival had a significant economic impact generating over £200,000.

Over 92% of the respondents said that overall the Festival had been good or very good. Many had felt inspired to take up a visual or performing art as a result of attending the Harwich Festival 2013.

Cllr David McLeod, the Mayor, said how so many  from within and outside the town had enjoyed the Festival. He thanked Diana Burrell and the Committee for their work and for putting on a festival which had something for everybody. He hoped they will continue to present such bold and imaginative festivals in the future and bring even more visitors to the town. He is looking forward to next year.

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