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Lizzie Gutteridge’s new show of melodies from the 12th-17th centuries performed on historical instruments including fiddles, bagpipes, shawms, percussion, recorders, pipe & tabor, curtal and chalumeau. By combining sounds of the past with some 21st century technology new light is thrown onto ancient music, peeling back, then building up the layers of anything from Medieval dances to Playford divisions.

Music from historically informed interpretations of pieces from historical manuscripts, ranging from 13thc dance tunes through 15thc chansons and 16thc consorts to Divisions on a ground from the 17thc is given the lightest of modern make-overs with the aid of live looping equipment. Much of this material lends itself well to the layers and cycles that can be produced using the loop station, and most of my arrangements are based on the premise of “what might a person from the period when this tune was written have done with this technology, had they had the chance?”

I have set myself a few ground rules – no special effects, nothing louder than the natural acoustic sounds produced by the historical instruments and every note of every show will be played live on the day – nothing pre-recorded.

The music and instruments will be briefly introduced and explained between pieces, but the emphasis will be on the music’s own ability to intrigue, enlighten and entertain. To give some examples: When a 5 part consort piece by Holborne is put together one part at a time, it can allow the modern audience a chance to notice elements of the interplay between parts which might otherwise pass them by, as each layer changes the perspective on both rhythm and harmony. A 2 part Ductia from the 13thC can be gradually layered up in 4 or more parts – throwing light on the relationships between different sections of the music by playing them against each other. This show will introduce period music to new audiences as well as giving current fans a new way to experience something familiar.


Web Links – 

Website: http://www.consortof1.co.uk/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zxvpk7BrCQ&list=PLp7nWzi4r_yFQukS33M9p66DgYYQeHZ-T

Bandcamp: www.consortof1.bandcamp.com

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