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HKF Presents: Paolo Morena – With Support from Amber Scott

Paolo Morena

Genre: lndie, blues and soul

lf you thought you’d seen and heard it all, music-wise, you’d better prepare for Paolo Morena: his live-looping approach to performance, combined with an astonishing talent for turning out catchy, beautiful, perfectly-crafted songs, is something to behold and listen to.

Hovering somewhere between gigging and performance art, Paolo’s shows are a master class in holding an audience spellbound. The live-looping technique requires the musician to record and play back his own performance as he goes along, so a one-man band can be transformed into anything, from a quartet to a symphony orchestra!

A must-see for music-lovers everywhere, Paolo plays gigs up and down the country and across Europe regularly, so do catch him when he’s in town.

 Album booklet pages 4&5 copy copy

Contact through his website




Hard Copy Tickets will be available from the Harwich Box Office and the Royal Oak from the 22nd February

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