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HF16 Artist Announcement – Luca Luciano

Luca Luciano in Concert


Luca Luciano: clarinet

James Hayes: piano

Luca on TV (224x300) 

Programme (June 26th)


  • “She likes Vivaldi” for clarinet solo, from Vivaldi’s “Four Season” (arr. Luciano)
  • Sonata #2 “Stellare” (L. Luciano)
  • Some Day My Prince Will Come (F. Churchill)
  • Im Treibhaus (R. Wagner)
  • Fellini in London (L. Luciano)
  • Homage to Puccini, for clarinet solo (L. Luciano)
  • Sonata #1 (L. Luciano)
  • Sonata #4 (L. Luciano)
  • Petite Piece (C. Debussy)
  • I’ve got Rhythm (G. Gershwin)




This contemporary clarinet recital presents 20th and 21st century music also informed by Luciano’s research on extended techniques and new music for clarinet solo. The programme also features original compositions written and arranged by Luciano, published on the albums “Neapolis” and “Poeta”. The “Sonatas” for clarinet and basso continuo are in one movement only. Luciano’s performance showcases the full potential of the clarinet presenting new and challenging music that is unique and varied, notated and composed in real time, that embraces romantic atmospheres and contemporary idioms, experimentation and heartfelt melodies. Though Luciano’s exceptional virtuoso skills are clearly evident, the music has always a distinctive melodic sense inspired by the Western European tradition and his Neapolitan heritage. The performance also features a homage to Puccini’s “Tosca” recently premiered at Cambridge University along with a rarely performed piece by Debussy and arrangements of famous themes by George Gershwin, Antonio Vivaldi, Frank Churchill and Richard Wagner.


More on www.lucaluciano.com

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