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Events for Children and Young People at HF15


The Harwich Festival this year includes a number of events which will both involve and excite children and young people.

Friday June 26th sees a performance of Nigel Hess’ ‘Rats’, a children’s musical based on the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin which will take place in St Nicholas’ Church at 1.30.  This concert version of the piece involves children from local primary schools.  The well- known story has been retold in song form with memorable tunes and witty lyrics and proved a huge success when performed in the main square of Hamelin itself.

We are also lucky to have the renowned story teller, Jan Blake, who has a reputation both nationally and internationally.  She has been story teller in residence at the Hay Festival and has appeared with great success at other festivals in Poland and Estonia. She specialises in stories from West Africa, the Caribbean and Arabia offering a different slant on universal themes.  Her performances have been described as dynamic and generous, mesmerising audiences.  She will be appearing at the Kingsway Hall at 4.00 o’clock on Tuesday 30th June.

The street party in Kings Head Street on the afternoon of Saturday July 4th will give the opportunity for some of our local young people to perform in  the various booths that are to be set up along the street.  Children from Year 5 who attended the Creative Arts Conference will also be able to show off the dance that they learnt on that occasion.

The Children’s Carnival, organised by the Grand Theatre of Lemmings, will be taking place at 1.30pm on Thursday June 25th, the first full day of the Harwich Festival, and we are delighted to have this eagerly anticipated event to add to the enjoyment of the day.

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