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With the Craft Café unable to open at the moment I’ve decided to go online instead. We’ll all still need our regular craft fix especially now that other pastimes are very limited. Even if we can’t meet in person we can still share our ideas and projects.

I thought this might be a good time to introduce you to the art of Slow Stitching. Some people call Slow Stitching an antidote to the chaos of modern life. Just what we need at the moment.

You use scraps of fabric, bits of thread and other embellishments to slowly stitch a piece of mindful and contemplative textile art. Even if you’re not into mindfulness there is nothing more relaxing than a bit of hand sewing. I stick my finished pieces in a scrapbook or use them to make greeting cards.

Start by choosing a small piece of fabric for your background, mine are about 12 by 18 cm in size. Arrange scraps of fabric,  pieces of lace, and beads on top. Move them around until you’re happy then start sewing. You can also use different types of stitches as part of your embellishments. I quite like French knots  and running stitch.

Have fun with your stitching and send a picture of your finished piece to craftcafehahc@outlook.com so that they can be shared with the other crafters.

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