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Online Arts Blog – April 2020

Hello from the Harwich Festival

Hi everyone! Well, everything feels a bit surreal at the moment doesn’t it?

We’d like to say hello from all of us here at the Harwich Festival.

Hopefully you’ve had time to look through some of the events and activities that we have been posting for you on our Arts InfoBoard.  If you haven’t please take a look and use the access links included.  We do hope you find something that appeals to you.

It would be great to hear what online arts offerings you have taken up? To get you started I have shared with you the kind of things that have appealed to me. I have eclectic tastes, so here goes….


I watched Andrea Bocelli at Easter at the Duomo Cathedral in Milan, beautiful sights and sounds.

I participated, with some success, in an Arts Enthusiasts, London workshop and in an Old Bank Studios interactive Art session, both very enjoyable, enlightening and for all age groups.

I have watched in awe as Tommy Scott, Jazz pianist, has held two masterclasses. I am looking forward to two more.

I tuned in to Mike Carran, locally, and to shows from a variety of Artists during the Isolation and Lockdown Festivals. The Isolation Festival is on as I write, and will be continuing whilst we are in this situation.

I joined the Heartland Delta Singers for a Gospel/Funk/Blues/Soul singing workshop led by Lauren Dove.  I went to this in Norfolk, a few years ago, so the digital experience was new.

Clare Leach from Harwich Sing Tendring Voices has been running her choirs online and I joined an interactive workshop ‘The Big Sing for World Voice Day’.  I have also been binge watching Gareth Malone’s ‘Great British Home Chorus’.

I looked again at the Dovercourt Art Exhibition Gallery on our site, some very talented artists there and many local sights.

Last night, as a family, we watched the ‘Shows Must Go On’ Phantom of the Opera, on the TV through YouTube, which was wonderful!

I haven’t listed everything, as I get daily feeds from local groups which I have liked or subscribed to, but other members of my family have been downloading activities that are listed on our InfoBoard.

Anyway, enough from me, just to say that we would really appreciate hearing from you or seeing photos of your artistic endeavours. Please get in touch with us and, with your permission, we’ll share it here.

Stay safe and keep well, Susan                                                              susan@harwichfestival.co.uk

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