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Harwich Sing & Ballroom Business launch the First Ever Digital Harwich Festival

The Digital HF2020 launches with the release of a specially commissioned video featuring a collaboration between local arts organisations Harwich Sing NexGen and Ballroom Business. With the help and expertise of HollyVision Digital Productions we have prepared a beautiful song for you to enjoy with the visual accompaniment of five dancers from Ballroom Business. We have also incorporated a few iconic shots and natural beauty of Harwich and Dovercourt to add to the film. It is a stunning piece to listen to and view.

The film is now available!

‘The Film has been created adhering to the very important social distancing rules and it really is quite incredible how creative we can still be in the face of this challenge. I am very grateful for the opportunity to showcase our art and it is with warm thanks to the Harwich Festival of the Arts for making it possible. We hope you all enjoy our creations and we would be very honoured if you wished to carry on following our journeys on social media.’ Clare Leach – Harwich Sing.

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