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Harwich Festival to launch Creative Arts Conference for Year 5’s

The Harwich Festival of the Arts is pleased to announce that they will be running a Creative Arts Conference for Year 5 pupils on Tuesday 19th May at the Cliff Hotel in Dovercourt. The Conference has been sponsored by the Tendring Education Trust and Essex Music Education Hub.

The conference aims to raise the profile of the creative arts and encourage more participation by providing the opportunity for the young people to experience a wide variety of art forms delivered by local and visiting artists and performers. The conference will accommodate 230 students from year 5 across all 7 primary schools in the area.

The idea for the conference came out of the Great Big Celebration of Young Harwich in the 2014 Festival. Although the event was successful it did not attract enough young people who were not already engaged in creative arts activities. This conference includes everyone.

The day will start with a dance piece, based on the Hakka, for all 230 students delivered by Dance Digital. This will then be followed by a series of interactive workshops which all students will attend. The workshops will allow the students to have a go and explore the skill, energy, passion and time that goes into developing an art form. One workshop slot will be an exhibition area hosting local creative arts groups, to demonstrate the wide range of opportunities the town has to offer.

Festival administrator Michael Offord said ‘this is very much a first of its kind and we are extremely grateful to all the groups that are supporting the conference…This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to find a hidden talent, a worthwhile pastime or maybe even a lifelong commitment to the creative arts. I can see no better way of inspiring young people than to give them the opportunity to work closely with those that have been so inspired themselves’.

The Workshops will also include,


A Stop-Motion animation workshop presented by Signals (www.signals.org.uk).

Popular Music and the Music Industry:

A demonstration by a live band followed by a pick up and try workshop presented by We Are Music. www.we-are-music.org.uk.

Visual Arts:

A Deco Patching workshop run by Katrina Olive of Swan House Crafts www.theswanhouse.gallery/services/craft-shop, where each group will help to create something that will form a central part of the Harwich Festival 2015

and a try for yourself assemblage workshop provided by Slackspace www.slackspace.org.uk/

Classical Music:

A Wind Quintet ‘5live’ from Essex Music Education Hub will play for the students and help explore how the various wind instruments work together.

Jazz and Brass Workshop:

Antony Sanders of the Tendring Brass Band will bring a Brass Quintet that will show how brass instruments work together. This will be compared and contrast compared with the use of brass instruments in Jazz music delivered by Chris Strachan of the Tendring Thunderbirds.

Folk and Traditional Music Workshop:

Local folk musicians Mick and Penny Verrier will explore the use of 3 part harmonies in traditional fishing or sea related folk songs.


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