HF News - Feb 2016

  1. The Tempest at Bobits Hole Harwich

    HF16 Artist Announcement – Dramatic Pause

    Dramatic Pause Productions was created when a group of like minded people got together to make their passion a reality. With… 8 founding members they hope to deliver two performances a year and feature at […]

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  2. HKF Presents: Paolo Morena – With Support from Amber Scott

    Paolo Morena Genre: lndie, blues and soul lf you thought you’d seen and heard it all, music-wise, you’d better prepare for Paolo Morena: his live-looping approach to performance, combined with an astonishing talent for turning […]

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  3. Thoughts from the Artistic Director – Feburary

    It’s like buses, you wait for one and three come along! Having said we want more Community Projects we suddenly have at least three on the go. After our successful Year 5 Creative Arts Conference […]

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  4. Manos Puestas

    HF16 Artist Announcement – Manos Puestas

    “Lewis and Sullivan play with fire!” Metro Manos Puestas Trio are a UK based group playing Gypsy Jazz, Be-bop, Latin and Rumba. Comprising 2 guitars and double bass, the Trio has many years experience between […]

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