Fishy Business

A Project for the Harwich Festival 2018

We will be making fish bunting out of fabric to decorate Harwich.

You can help us by making 1 or more fish using the pattern below. All you need is some scraps of fabric , the brighter the better, some wadding and 2 buttons.

You can either use a sewing machine or hand sew the fish. If you use a non-fraying material like felt you wont need a seam allowance. Put the pattern on your material and traces around it twice then cut out the 2 pieces. Lay them on top of each other fold a small piece of ribbon in half and insert between the 2 sides of the mouth. Sew round the fish leaving a gap on 1 side so you can put in the wadding. Close gap sew on 2 buttons for the eyes.

If using a fabric that needs a proper seam allow about 1 cm extra around the pattern. Put the 2 pieces of fabric good sides together. Use a piece of ribbon or a strip of fabric to make a small loop to go between the 2 sides of the mouth so that we can hang them up. Sew round leaving a gap on 1 side so that you can put in the wadding later on.

Snip round the inside corners of the tail so fabric wont pull. Turn right way round. A knitting needle is handy to push out the tail. Stuff the fish close gap and sew on 2 buttons for the eyes.

You can make the fish as simple or as intricate as you like. It works well to use 2 contrasting fabrics for the head and body. or what about decorating the fish by using sequins to make them sparkle in the sun.


Click here to access the Fish Template




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