Digital 20cm x 20cm Online Resources

Want to take part in the digital 20cm x 20cm Open Exhibition but not sure how? Check out our online resources and video guides below. All the videos were produced by Andy Howell who helped devise the original 20cm x 20cm Exhibition back in 2016.

Digital HF2020 Brief and Submissions Form

For full specifications and information on how to submit your work

Video – How to make a quick Square –

Dont have a 20cm x 20cm canvas? Dont worry you can make a square using paper or even a a cereal packet!


Video – Sketching Ideas –

Andy talks us through sketching ideas.

Video – How to make a stencil 

Artist Andy Howell, shows us how to create art work using stencils. Please ask an adult to help you with cutting!

Video – Water Colour Painting 

Andy shows us how he creates a water colour painting.

Video – Continuous Line Drawing

Andy shows us how to draw in a continuous line

Video – Water Colour and Pen Outline

Andy talks us through a water colour with pen outline technique.

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